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Find more information on Reiki and Yoga Nidra on my Frequently asked question page.


“When we are clear and comfortable with who we are inside, life becomes beautiful- regardless of what is going on around us.”
— Michael A. Singer


Reiki Private Session

At the beginning of the session, Sarah will scan your Energy Field and your Chakras to see which areas need special attention, then the complete body and Prana work will begin.

Through the use of her hands Sarah will transfer the Universal Energy Force to increase your vitality and balance the different areas to restore the quality of your health.

Sometime, patients can experience emotional release that was trapped in the body, although uncomfortable at first it will soon allow you to be.

You will feel and see clearly what must be done. it will allow you to accept and own whatever is happening in your life and still be in control.

 Eventually, your mind will feel calm, you will expand your inner awareness and promote transformation and growth.

Health, Creativity, Dynamism, Spirituality, “Joy Reiki Institute” aims to integrate mind, body and spirit.

You will experience all the benefits of Reiki if you simply allow what comes into your attention to just be. Be the witness of it all and allow all past experiences or blockages to come out, Simply be the witness.

Distance Reiki Session

Anything that can be done hands-on can also be done with Distance reiki. If you are overseas, if you simply can’t find the time to come for a private reiki session, Sarah can still help you through Distance Reiki. She will need to talk to you to get as much information on what is wished and the person or place itself, a photograph, an address…

With Distance we can work on helping: People, Animals, land, plants, trees, the planet, past experiences, future events through visualizations, restore harmony in families, Business Harmonization and Energetic Clearing of homes and businesses, Souls who made their transition ….

If you need more information don’t hesitate to call or text, we will find the method that works best for you.

Home, land, business harmonization and energetic clearing

Using Distance Reiki as well as other shamanic practices taught by her experienced Master Nana DelePlanque, and her knowledge of Mastery of awareness in Shamanism, Sarah will use her creativity and intuition to increase the energy of your space and restore the balance of the energetic qualities of a living space. Allowing you to regain your space again and feeling at ease and in harmony with whatever you wish to achieve in your business, home or land. 

Free 20 min. session with the Reiki Clinic 

Once a month, “Joy Reiki Institute” offers a free 20 minutes Reiki session.

Sessions are held in the morning at 9:30, 10,10:30 and 11am

If you would like to book a Reiki session for our next clinic, please register by sending an email to or call (415) 912 6863

Space is limited, and you must register 24 hours in advance.


Yoga Nidra

Experience this powerful sleeping guided meditation allowing you to become the observer of your mind and to find freedom and peace within.

Groups are held once a week, possibility to organize your own group of people (children, adults or seniors) at a desire location.

You can organize a Nidra for your corporate business; Keeping in mind that Yoga Nidra reduces burnout, sick days intakes and increases productivity, focus and energy.

The Joyga Project

“It is in giving that we receive” Desmund Tutu

Please follow us on Instagram @ the_joygaproject.

 This project is for teenagers (Middle and High schoolers) interested in practicing Yoga (Hatha and Vinyasa, depending on the group) and mindfulness while paying it forward and giving it back to the world.

The “JoYga Project” aims to be a worldwide project that promotes human values such as Compassion, Love, Care, Kindness and Peace. 

We know the joy you bring to the world everyday simply by being you! And you are invited to celebrate your joy with JoYga!

This is an opportunity to give a gift to both yourself and the world.

Through yoga, we will come together as friends to develop compassion, love, care, kindness, and peace through movement, yoga games, and more.

At the end of the series we will adventure into New York City to bring home-made hot meals to the homeless, establishing a connection with people that we help out. Beyond the food, the joy you cultivate during the class will naturally spread through each smile you share and will nourish the hearts of those you meet during the trip.

All proceeds of class cost will go towards meals, goodies such as hats, blankets, Starbucks gift cards, & more!


Reiki Certification- Workshop 1

In Reiki 1 you will discover the energy Reiki and be able to pass it on to your friends, family, animals and plants but the most important will be to yourself, after a Reiki 1 treat yourself daily, you gave yourself a beautiful gift, use it!

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

-Scan the body of the person receiving treatment and perceive area of reduced vitality flow.

-Channel Reiki into yourself or transmit to others and feel the energy as it flows through your hands.

-Appreciate how attitudes can create “dis-ease” both emotional and/or physical discomfort.

Two days Hands -on class Reiki1

Date of our next Reiki 1 to be determined                                   


Reiki Certification- Workshop 2

After Reiki 2, you will be able to do everything a Reiki Master does in a private session. You will be able to pass 80% more energy, learn how to help people cross difficult time, help people with depression, addiction…

You will be able to work on your own mind to help you tab on your best outcome and to keep the best images in your mind.

You will learn also how to do distance treatment on people, animal, land and more...opening a new door to the world and becoming aware on how you can help on a larger scale.

Reiki Group

Once a month, students of Joy Reiki Institute, meet to work on each other, practicing passing the energy and developing intuition, extra positions and allowing time for questions.

In Reiki, practice is the Key, the more you practice, the more you get attune to the energy and the more Reiki energy will pass through yourself. Open to Reiki 1 and Reiki 2 of Joy Reiki only. 


Private reiki session

Buy 1 session for  $150 (each session is between 60 and 90 min.)

Buy 1 Package of three private sessions  for  $400

Buy 1 Package of 10 Reiki private sessions for $1350 

In-home private Reiki session available for $175

Distance Reiki session

Buy 1 distance reiki for $75

 Buy 1 package of 10 for $700

Home, land, business harmonization and energetic clearing

Price depending on the space ($350+)

yoga nidra

Private session: 60mn: $75

In-home private session available for $85

Groups (6 to 10 people max.): $25 each.

Price for corporate is $150 per class for a minimum of 5 people and $1,000 for 10 classes.

Pre-registration required at least 24 hours prior the class with a non-refundable deposit of $15 per person.

the Joyga project

Cost: $70 for 3 classes of 90 minutes each.  all proceeds go to the Joyga project. To register please contact Sarah.

Next Joyga project: Next trip into NYC the 23rd June 2019.

Stay tune for updates and follow us on Instagram @the_joygaproject,


Reiki Certification- Workshop 1

2 days program, from 9.30 am to 5.30

Cost: $300

To register call 415 912 6863  or email Sarah at

To reserve your space, send a $50 non-refundable deposit check or via Venmo, PayPal (as a friend)

You can also program your own Reiki workshop by bringing 2 or 3 friends with you.

Reiki certification- Workshop 2

It is recommended to wait at least 3 months between the Reiki 1 and 2 for the energy to settle in you.

Cost: $450

Reiki Group

ONLY  Cost $20   Please call or text Sarah to register.

After booking your appointment with Sarah, on 415 912 6863 or by email , confirm it by sending your payment with Venmo, PayPal (as a friend), or check payable to Sarah Chapman.